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The Protector • 2017 rpg

Chloe Sutherland • https://cee-writes.dreamwidth.org/

Strange things happen at your high school. One girl fights from the shadows - unexplainable power against unknown horrors. She will deny it. But you see glimpses… you hear rumors.
Share a time you, or a friend, were helped by The Protector. Shroud your retelling in uncertainty but hint at the extraordinary. Ask others for more detail. At the end, another player names a power they now believe The Protector has. Write it down. Draw a playing card and place it, face down, beside the power. Repeat, each sharing a story in turn, until she has eight rumored powers.
Choose someone to play the Ultimate Foe that opposes The Protector. All other players witness this battle - describing The Protector as she fights, unequivocally in public for the first time. As players describe the use of a power, they flip the card relating to that power. If the card is black, The Protector can use that power. If it is red, the gossip was false, the Ultimate Foe makes the situation worse.
Win or lose. 
When the last card is flipped, gather and shuffle them. Draw one. If it is black, The Protector succeeds.
See the battle to its end.

Author Comments

Inspired unabashedly by Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer but suitable for games involving a neighborhood protected by a masked vigilante or even a village of commoners hearing about a heroic knight only through the tall tales of bards.

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