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Coloring Outside the Lines of Reality • 2017 rpg

Emlyn Freeman • realmcrafting.blogspot.com

You are all-powerful, multi-dimensional children, playing pretend with your favorite reality.

There is no GM and players control a fantasized version of themselves. Each player starts with 3 “nuh-uh!” tokens. 

Agree on a genre or situation. Decide randomly who takes the first “turn.” The turn-taker has narrative control. They frame a scene and define each player as a specific character in it. The turn-taker MUST start the scene by saying “pretend [X happens].” At any time, the turn-taker can end their turn and the player to their left goes next.

When a player narrates an event, no other player can deny it happened without a “nuh-uh” token. You can change or escalate the conflict. The sky’s the limit! Go over the top. Mix genres. Channel your inner eight-year-old.

A player can deny a narration by spending a “nuh-uh!” token. You MUST say “nuh-uh! That’s not what happens!” Then narrate what ACTUALLY happens. Now it’s your turn.

After all “nuh-uh!” tokens have been spent, each player gets to narrate one more action to wrap up the story. Discuss and vote who was COOLEST during the story. That player wins!

Author Comments

This game was inspired by the short story “Pirates” by Mark A. Garland, that I read as a kid in Bruce Coville’s Book of Aliens. The last line always stuck in my head: after their reality-bending game of pirates destroys the world, one of the all-powerful children says “Okay, pretend we exist.”

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