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Great Wallopers • 2017 rpg

UberAffe • no link

The prairie dogs are attacking in force, how many points can you rack up before getting overrun! This game has two win conditions; Be the last one standing, or first to 10 points. Every round the prairie dogs attack in a force the size of the round, 1 at round one and 20 on round 20. Every round the players roll 1d20, as long as the players roll is greater than or equal to the prairie dogs they gain a point, otherwise they lose half of their points rounded up, hit 0 points and you lose. Players can exchange points to gain a permanent additional die of that size, 4 points for 1d4, you can reduce to 0 points this way without losing. If you roll a 20 on the d20 you gain an additional point.

Author Comments

This game has an extremely low barrier to entry and while it is very light on narrative, it still evokes interesting imagery of a group of friends being overrun by little furry critters.

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