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Card Sharks • 2017 rpg

Dylan Shields • renaissancewoodsman.wordpress.com

You will need a stack of notecards and a deck of playing cards.

You are a team of master thieves, who have planned a daring heist. Unbeknownst to your teammates, you plan to steal the score all for yourself. Write down your alias, and three skills.

Deal the whole deck. During each round, each player plays a card face down. Turn order goes from the Ace up to the King. During the first round, the first player describes the treasure, each other player describes an elaborate security measure.

In each other round, players write down their planned action as they play their card. On their turn, they reveal the notecard. You may only write actions that use one of your skills, walking, or stealing. Be specific about targets for actions. If two players would act at the same time, describe how you bungle each other's plans. Otherwise, you succeed, unless a previous action would prevent you from succeeding.

After the last cards are played, the cops arrive and arrest everyone who has not escaped.

Some cards are special:

Seven, Ten: Write two actions, choose one when you act.

Jack, Queen, King: Do your action in a flashback, before the heist.

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