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Botany Bay • 2017 rpg

March Games •

In the cut-throat world of 18th century botany, ensure scientific immortality by discovering the rarest plants.

Each botanist takes a sheet of paper and four Favours per botanist lecturing. Fold the sheet into four sections. Draw the following elements:
      A flower
      A leaf
      A root
      A seed

Describe each element with adjectives- “poisonous”, “stimulating”, “red”, up to ten across the plant.

In turn, botanists gives a short lecture on one element of their plant, referring to the illustration and description. Their audience may:
     1. Applaud- place Favours (up to the amount of nouns and adjectives) on the 
         element’s illustration. Reasons for applause might include:
              It is unusual or exotic;
              It is useful to society or industry, or to harm or heal;
              You’re playing politics, despite the dull nature of their plant.
     2. Scoff- discard two Favours to ridicule a claim and remove an existing 
         Favour given as applause.

Botanists may pool Favours to meet these costs.
Fierce debate is encouraged.
Proceed until every lecture has been heard, every Favour is spent, or until boredom sets in.

The botanist with the most Favours on their plant (minus any remaining Favours they still hold) is declared President of the Royal Botanical Society.

Author Comments

This is inspired in part by Patrick O’Brien’s biography of Sir Joseph Banks, and a subsequent journey to Kew Gardens.

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