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Gladiators • 2017 rpg

Alex Constantin • @AlexCKraus

Players are Gladiators and fight each other to the “death”. One player is Cesar(GM), does not fight and gives thumbs up or down.

What you need to play:
5 dice* for each player. 1 Hat.

How to Play:
The setup:
Throw one die each to determine HP**, weapon and shield value. Use Dice as Token.
Cesar draws fight pairings from the hat***.

In the fight:
Each contestant throws two dice, then chooses one to add to his weapon value. the other goes to the shield value. The player loses 1 HP if the combined shield value is lower than the other players combined attack value. The fight ends after one player has lost 3 or his last HP. After losing 3 HP Cesar gives Thumbs up or down, if down you are dead. Should both players lose their 3rd HP in the same round, it’s a draw and bothe live. Victorious players can choose to loot their opponent but can only hold one weapon and shield each. Lost HP do not generate. Repete fighting until only 1 player is Left.

Have Fun

*Dice do not have to be six sided or identical. **Hitpoint ***Or just makes pairings up.

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