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FAERY QVEEN • 2017 rpg

Jonathan Lavallee • @firestormink

Some Gentle Knights were pricking on the plaine,
Ycladd each one with words and siluer shielde,
A part of erry story booke and game,
The Faery Qveen did quest them ne’re to yielde,
Banner makes known their hearts upon the fielde,
Each Gentle Knight chosen to represente,
Elements of themselves revealed,
Holiness, Chastity, or Justice,
Temperence, Friendship, all to be writ.

With unique elemental hearte displaied,
All Gentle Knights are blessèd with a queste,
For lo the Faery Qveen is much dismaied,
To see such creatures ravaging up in jest,
This Feary Land that she has deemed is beste,
Each Gentle Knight in turne will ride oot,
And draw upon the decke of tarot blessed,
For discovery of what comes now aboot,
Mettle of Gentle Knights will be in doubte.

Draw Cups and others will describe a threate,
Of water, emotions, friends, creation,
Draw Pentacles and Gentle Knights will get,
Problemes of earth, greed, and materiation,
Draw Swords for air, power, minde, and ration,
Draw Wands, for viality, and the soul,
Gentle Knight tastes defeat unless conception,
Of personal elemente to their goal,

All other Gentle Knights shall decide
If cards are won, or set aside.

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