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Groove Crusaders • 2017 rpg

Jason Todd Foley • @Jason_Is_A_Geek

In a dystopian future the world has been deprived of all fun by the army of evil magicians know as the Haters. Banning all music and fun from the world, they overtake it in the name of boredom and general badness. But four legendary warriors have come together to combat the haters with four legendary instruments of the elements. Now they must travel the land to save the world from lethargy.

The game will be an RPG that mixes the menu combat of JRPGs with the funky grooves of rhythm games. Each party member will have their own instrument that has a dedicated face button, which they have to time with the music to perform an attack. Each attack increases the player’s score, wherein they need to reach a certain threshold to win the battle. When they win a battle they gain experience to level up which will increase the player’s score multiplier that make it easier to win harder battles with strict scores. It will also allow them to buy alternate weapons. These weapons act as modifiers that alter their score. These include changing note speed for increased scores, or pressing one button for any note that decreases score.

Author Comments

Inspired by the Tupper Ware Remix Party song “Groove Crusaders”

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