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Matt Stuart • no link

One player is the Dungeon Dealer(DD), who creates a dungeon with perils and opportunities for adventurers.  Everyone else plays adventurers.  

Adventurers choose a character class and note their stats.  HS= Handsize
All classes - HS1
Cleric - Heal 1 (Restore 1 level of handsize damage)
Fighter - HS+1
Thief - Redraw 1 (Discard/redraw 1 card )
Wizard - Lock 1 (Take 1 dealt card and bank for later use.  Bank max = Lock)

PCs describe how they overcome encounters.  They either overcome it or trigger a conflict.

To resolve conflict, play a hand of blackjack.  DD’s HS can be up to the  current dungeon level being explored.  Adventurer’s handsize as per class, +1 per extra adventurer aiding in conflict.
Highest hand =<21 wins.  Ties go to most cards.
Adventurers win - obstacle overcome
DD wins - Party takes HS damage up to dungeon level  

Suit of highest winning card determines additional outcome.
-Clubs - Injury.  A PC loses 1 HS.  
-Diamonds - Hardship. Equipment lost?
-Hearts - Windfall.  Unexpected allies?
-Spades - Someone levels up!   +1HS OR +1 Ability

DD may use Lock/Redraw as well as Swap(exchange cards) and Flank(force a discard and redraw).

Conflict Examples:

Goblin HS1
Pit-trap HS1 1 Redraw
Giant Spider  HS2 1 Lock

Author Comments

Leaned so hard on presumed knowledge of blackjack/21 and dungeon crawlers for filling in the blanks on this.

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