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Exodus - A game of discovery for 2-6 players • 2017 rpg

Jenn Martin •

You are a group of humans sent to an empty alien ship to investigate. The aliens are gone, with no obvious cause.

Pick a specialty for your character (ie linguistics, physics, sociology, etc) and an area of the ship (ie. engineering, medical, cafeteria, gym, etc). Don’t overlap with other characters. There is no leader.

Take turns describing areas of the ship.

When it’s your turn- Answer the other player’s questions. Be obvious in your answers- if you don’t know, say that. Other players can make suggestions, but you get final say. When you’re ready, name one thing about the room that pertains to the disappearance and write it down on a notecard. Move to the next player.

When it’s not your turn- Ask about the room (ie. sight/smell/sound/etc). Think about what you’ve heard about other rooms and tie them together. You may suggest things, but the player whose turn it is gets final say.

Once all players have gone, look at the facts you’ve gathered about the disappearance. Do they fit into an order? Do they tell a story? Give each player a chance to offer their theory, but don’t identify any as true or right.

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