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The Tale • 2017 rpg

Daniel Comerci • www.blackbox-games.com

You are the Initiate, a man whose story and virtues are being tested. Your friends are the Council listening to you. Both of you take up to fifteen Bones.

Initiate, say who you are, your Qualities and Flaws.
Describe your Challenge (save, recover, defend, etc.).You will discover during play if you obtained your Goal or not.
Describe the Virtue at stake (courage, mercy, loyalty, etc.) and declare:

"I am [name], and I'm here to tell you how my [Virtue] was challenged while I tried to [Challenge]."

To play narrate your journey toward your goal. The Council will help you by suggesting how the world reacts. Last word is yours.
When Virtue is at stake the Council can decide that things are not how you describe. They will say "Lie", declare a different outcome and remove one of their Bones. You can accept by saying "Truth", or refuse by saying "Lie" and removing one of your Bones. Tell a different outcome. Continue with Lie/Truth until one does not accept.

The story will end when Initiate or Council remove their last stone. End it in a meaningful way, saying what happened and if something shattered your Virtue or Goal.

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