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Diceless Deeds • 2017 rpg

Laurence • no link

Required: 1+ players, 1 GM. Pen and paper recommended.

Pick a name, four skill proficiencies and a handicap (suggestions are listed below).
Pick one of your skills to be your expertise.

Conflict resolution is done through a game of rock-paper-scissors (a 'check'). If you have a relevant skill proficiency you may re-take the check a 2nd time. Checks should only be made when failure has meaningful consequences.
You have a pool of 3 automatic successes, which you can use to pass checks where your expertise is relevant (they must be declared before making the check).

The automatic success pool is replenished by one (up to a maximum of three successes) whenever you fail a check that you had proficiency or expertise in.

You must succeed twice at a check if your handicap would be relevant (or once if you have a proficiency; automatic successes cannot be used).

Skill examples:
-Wilderness survival
-Fire magic
-Knowledge of certain lore (e.g. ‘History’, ‘Monsters’)

Handicap examples:
-Chronically ill
-Belongs to a hated demographic (e.g. ‘Half-Orc’)
 _ _ _ _ _
Character sheet:
- (Expertise)


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