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Happily Ever Maybe • 2017 rpg finalist

Drew Mierzejewski •

You are a magic fairy! Describe your looks, name, temperament, and your one simple magic ability. 

Together, your fairy team must help one poor peasant achieve their happy ending in a classic fairy tale setting!

Each player gives one character element about the peasant and two details that would make the peasant’s life better. Count out red d6s equal to the number of happy ending details the group described. Do the same with white d6s. Place all dice in a bag. 

The oldest fairy begins the game. Declare how you wish to help the peasant with one of their details. Draw from the bag. A white die means success; a red means failure. Narrate the outcome. 

Pass the bag left, choose a new detail and draw again.

If you draw two red in a row, the peasant is physically harmed. Draw three and they die. Describe how.

When you have drawn all the WHITE dice, your peasant get’s their happily ever after, but draw all the RED dice and they don’t. Describe how.  

At the end of the story, have each fairy give one part of an epilogue describing a good or bad ending as represented by the dice. 

Author Comments

Playtesters: Cameron Evesque Davis, Eli Kurtz, Laura Jewell, Andrea Jones, Justin Blankenship A Special Thanks to Alyson Mierzejewski, who made my Happily Ever After a reality.

Judge Comments

This fairy based game is unique! Fun and creative enough for a family to play together and open enough for a group of adults to get carried away with naughtiness. - Satine Phoenix

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