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Truth, Lies and Bullets • 2017 rpg

Brian Berg • http://www.facebook.com/tpkgames

Truth, Lies and Bullets
A dramatic game of tension and secrets.

The game is played by telling each other lies and truths and requires two six-sided dice.  Roll a d6, and whomever has the lowest score must go first.  On a tie, reroll the tied dice until one person has a lower result than the other.

On your turn you must make a statement about yourself.  Then roll a d6.  

The person on your right must then guess if your statement is a truth or a lie.  If they guess correctly, you must spin the cylinder and pull the trigger (by rolling another 1d6).  If the dice are the same, you blow your brains out and are out of the game.

If they guess wrong, you do not pull the trigger, and instead pass the gun (dice) to the player on your right and the truths, lies and bullets continue.  The “winner” is the last person standing.

Author Comments

That winner is also a good liar, and you should reconsider being friends with them.

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