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The Island of Derring-do • 2017 rpg

Russell Tripp •

The Adventurers Guild was formed when real pros tired of cleaning up the bodies of wannabes. You must pass initiation to join the guild by surviving the Island of Derring-do.

The island is filled with traps, monsters, robot ninjas, former wannabes, and natives sick of strangers destroying stuff.

Shuffle 1 (or more) card decks. Deal 7 cards + 3 tokens to each player. Distribute your cards into 3 “statistics” piles - Mind, Body, Will. Cards have values from 1(Ace) to 13(King). 

Player to your right turns over top card (=difficulty) and describes your challenge. Place 1 token on table and play cards from ONE of your piles that add to more than the difficulty. Describe success. Take cards equal to ½ excess over the difficulty (min 1/max 4). Distribute into statistics piles you DIDN’T use.

Help others by describing aid and adding cards from 1 pile (no token). Only the player who offers the most aid may add cards. On success, take ALL tokens on the table (no cards). 

No tokens left? Can't beat difficulty? Describe failure and discard 1 card.  No cards left = death.

When deck runs out, describe how you use remaining cards to escape the island.

Author Comments

One of the main points of this design is that you can’t keep using the same stat (“I punch him in the face,” using Body cards for example) over and over. The other is that you have to help other players (only way to get tokens back) or you’re going to die - no tokens=no action.

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