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Little Magic Shop • 2017 rpg

RB Johnson • no link

You just opened a magic item shop and got your first set of items from the Artificer’s Guild. Unfortunately, you're new so they unloaded all their weird experiments on you. Let’s see what they brought!

Best with 6 people.

Select a first player, this is the Shopkeeper. The other players are the members of the Artificer’s Guild who just delivered... something. Each Artificer gets to say one word about the object.

The Artificer to the Shopkeeper's left says what the object is: weapon, armor, accessory, or item.

The next Artificer says what the object is made of.

The other Artificers each say one adjective about the object. Anything goes!

The Shopkeeper then comes up with a description for the object. This should include its name, what it does, and how they will sell it.

The Artificer to the Shopkeeper's left then becomes the new Shopkeeper, and this repeats so all players become the Shopkeeper. Players then can vote for their favorite item. Players can't vote for the item from when they were Shopkeeper. Or you can simply enjoy the wacky items you came up with!

These items make great additions to a normal RPG game.

Author Comments

This is a formalization of how my RPG group makes magic items in game. It’s a fun way to create some interesting and unique magic items. I didn’t like how in some systems magic items are these standardized objects that just give simple stat buffs. I liked the descriptions of magic items that did crazy stuff that was unexpected. Thanks to my Co-GM Gerry for edits and feedback.

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