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Xenia • 2017 rpg

Mel •

Roles: The Host, Zeus, and Guests.

The law of Xenia commands every host to treat their visitors with the respect owed to Zeus himself, for Zeus is devious and takes many forms. 

The Host sets the scene with music, food and drinks, and welcomes everyone to their home. They write "Zeus" on one folded scrap of paper and "Guest" on the rest, one for each player. They mix up the assignments in a bowl and pass them out at random after explaining the game and the house rules.

As the party gets going, Zeus begins targeting solo or small groups of Guests. Careful not to alert the Host, Zeus places a curse on each Guest. The curse must be something that the Guest agrees to do for the rest of the night, such as "You must say 'Hail Zeus!' every time you speak" or "You must kiss your biceps after drinking."

The bewitched Guest tells no one about their encounter or the god's curse. Meanwhile, the Host, observing their Guests' behavior trending toward the bizarre throughout the night, seeks out the god through cunning curse detection and the process of elimination. The game ends when the Host has identified Zeus.

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