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Farewell, My Love • 2017 rpg

L & M Saltonstall • no link

2 lovers, 1 quiet room, some time to yourselves

Find a private, quiet space where you can sit facing your lover.

One of you is the Traveler about to depart. You may or may not survive to return. Describe the upcoming journey, and why you must go.

The other player is the Hopeful, the lover who will await the Traveler’s return. Describe how you will keep the memory of your love alive.

Maintain silence from now on.

Face each other, lock eyes. 

Take hands gently. 
Without words--using your fingertips and hands--touch your lover’s hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head, face. Take turns expressing emotions through touch. Maintain eye contact; breathe together. Vary your touch to communicate your feelings.

Traveler: regret
                              Hopeful: hope
Traveler: reassurance
                              Hopeful: trepidation
Traveler: gratitude
                              Hopeful: longing
Traveler: adoration
                              Hopeful: desire
Traveler: craving
                              Hopeful: lust

Finish the game by engaging physically in a satisfying climax to the story expressed so far. Use your bodies but no words. Take as long as you need.

After you finish, debrief and resume talking with each other. 

What did you discover about love? 
How will you shape your next parting and reunion?

Author Comments

We designed this game together to heighten sexual tension between two people and draw on existing feelings of intimacy and closeness.

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