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The Tavern at Dungeon Level 200 • 2017 rpg

Jim Dagg • bit.ly/saddleshaped

One player is a monster that arrives at the dungeon tavern.  (Describe yourself!)  The other players are waitstaff.  Choose your class (Bartender, Cook, or Server) and your species.

The monster shows up to the bar or get a table and orders a drink or dish, but some ingredient is unavailable.  (A Cook chooses.)  

The remaining players go to recover what’s missing; inevitably it’s available in somewhere in the dungeon.  Where?  Roll 2d6 and choose one:

1)	Mushroom Forest
2)	Flooded Cavern
3)	Catacomb Keep
4)	Clockwork Labyrinth
5)	Slimy Sewers
6)	Lava Hellpits

The monster takes three tokens, plus one for each other player.

When the group goes somewhere or does something, they automatically succeed unless the monster player uses a token to add a challenge.  Any player can attempt to overcome it, but if you just rolled for something, let someone else go.  If it’s something your training as a bartender/cook/server would help you with, roll 2d6 keep highest; otherwise, 1d6.

1-3:  It goes wrong
4-5:  You do it, but…
6:  Success!

After the last challenge is overcome, the team returns to serve the dish/drink.  How does the monster like it?

Author Comments

Thanks to John Harper for the die roll resolution system from Blades in the Dark and Thoughtlords of Mars.

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