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Under The Mountain • 2017 rpg

Liam Moher • no link

Long ago catastrophe beset the great mountain hall of the Dwarves. It was ravaged and overrun, but several brave souls managed to escape, rescuing one of Dwarfkind’s prized relics. This is their story.

Pile some coins on the table.

Name your Dwarf and describe them, especially their beard (Dwarf women have beards too).

Everyone begins with two coins and three items:
* Armor
* Book
* Cask
* Gemstones
* Holy symbol
* Instrument
* Jewelry
* Lantern
* Map
* Mirror
* Mushrooms
* Pipe
* Quill & ink
* Tools
* Weapon

Your group possesses one relic:
* Ancient tome
* Runestone
* Hero’s banner
* Mountain’s Heart
* Sealed orders

Have someone begin by describing where they were when everything went wrong. Everyone then takes turns adding to the story from their dwarf’s perspective.

When facing trouble either succumb to it or flip a coin:
* Heads: overcome with style and skill.
* Tails: overcome with difficulty and pain.

Discard a coin:
* Begin a new scene on your turn.
* Re-flip a coin.
Give a coin:
* Interject and add trouble for another dwarf.
Gain a coin: 
* Play a supporting character (not your dwarf) in another’s scene.
* Succumb to trouble.
* Join another’s scene on your turn.
* Ask leading questions.

The game ends when you all escape the mountain.

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