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Human Or Not, Here I Am • 2017 rpg

Russell Tripp • http://newgameaweek.blogspot.com/

Future Earth humans and replicants live in peace, but two species are warring with us. One destroys humans, the other non “true-bios”. One of their Inquisitors has captured you for questioning...but you don't know which one.

All players comprise a single Entity, hiding its nature.

Write “human” and “non-human” on paper slips for each player.

Fold and mix slips. Take one, your secret role.

For even numbers, take one extra and set aside.

On new slips, each player writes a personality aspect. Mix slips and take one, your secret aspect.

On final slips, write “humans die”/“non-humans die” (Inquisitor’s agenda). Mix, pick one. Don't look.

Take turns as Inquisitor, asking questions to determine Entity’s humanity.

Ask someone you haven't questioned something that:
...is not directly about role/aspect
...doesn’t repeat another question
...is open-ended

Answer keeping your aspect in mind, hiding your role. Build on answers from other players.

Once everyone has asked everyone else questions, answer the final question together. Is Entity human? Discuss and vote.

Reveal hidden agenda. Did Entity survive?

Reveal roles. Majority determines Entity's humanity. Use the role set aside to break ties.

Was the Inquisitor right? Which side “winning” is winning?

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