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A walk in the park • 2017 rpg

Robin Langridge • no link

Pick a breed of dog to enjoy a day out in the park all walked by the same dogwalker.

One person plays the dogwalker (GM) everyone else is a dog.

Each dog has three traits (rated 1-6) size, derp and speed. 
Max trait is 5. Size + Speed has a maximum of 6.
All traits have a base of 1. Players have six extra points to spend on traits.
Derp indicates the general adoring, but stupid, nature of a dog. It's the opposite of wisdom.
Each dog picks two secret goals (Eg get muddy, chase ducks) The Dogwalker approves them.

Tests are rolled against a d6, if the roll is lower than the trait it's a success. Task difficulty may give bonus/penalty. 

The Dogwalker starts by passing a stick to the player to their left and describing the scene that the dogs see.
That dog has the stick and describes what they try to do until they fail a test or complete a goal (getting a point). Other dogs wait their turn.
The stick is then passed to the next dog for their turn.

Once the stick has gone around four times total the points to decide who has won.

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