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DUELLO - A Game of Magic and Politics • 2017 rpg

Allan Bagg • no link

Setting: A League of competitive wizard’s duels.

Conflict resolution operates using a timer. Each character must describe what they are doing in response to their opponent, within their timed Round. The opponent will then describe their counter within their Round, continuing until one side cannot respond, and is declared defeated. 

Character Creation:

Begin by choosing two schools:

-Abjuration (Warding, denial, blocking opponents)
-Evocation (Energy/Fire/Explosions)
-Transmutation (Change)
-Necromancy (Death)
-Illusion (Phantasms/ Trickery)

These will flavour your descriptions in battle. Additionally, distribute 4 points between Luck and Ability. Each point in Ability grants you 10 seconds of talking time per Round. Each point of Luck can be expended to grant you a single 20-second extension for one Round per game session. Luck may also be expended in non-combat encounters.

NPC encounters are assigned an Ability score by the Storyteller, and a number of rounds to be endured before the NPC is defeated. 

Easy (Apprentice, Common Soldier): 2-5 Rounds
Difficult (Archmage, Noble Socialite): 10 Rounds 

NPCs may also have Luck.

Talking/social encounters may occur as combat, but with conversations being limited by time as combat is. Social Rounds are double the length of combat rounds.

Author Comments

Could easily be teaked into alternative settings- Pro Wrestling, modern political intrigue, etc.

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