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I Am You As You Are Me • 2017 rpg

Unai Cabezon • https://twitter.com/Basquegeek

3+ players LARP

You wake up... inside a friend's body! You and your friends meet in your usual place. Each of you is trapped inside someone else! You'll have to work together to get out of this one...

You are playing as one of your friends. Give them instructions on what to do, how to move, any action you want him or her to perform.
One of your friends is playing as you. You will receive instructions from them, you can't move or do anything that they don't tell you!

The game ends when a ritual to return everyone to their bodies is performed. The Game Master decides what the ritual is, and has hidden clues in the room or playing area.
Example: The ritual involves each of the players taking a 'relic' (could be whatever) to a different corner in the room, then each has to perform a specific dance.

The GM can add any additional number of rules as they see fit, such as extra narrative, a mystery to solve, character attributes, skill checks, etc.
Play this however you want!

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