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Coming Close To Home - A Workshop • 2017 rpg

Jonathan Jung Johansen • Search for me on google+ with my name.

A workshop for prosaic games.
One facilitates the workshop – but all partake in Theme and Tale.
This is played in order.
Talk about themes in your game.

Facilitator points at someone.
That person says a word that springs to mind Immediately. No thinking. Then they point.
Proceed when there is flow.

Get an object.
Make two hand signs.

One for Zoom.
When used, the Speaker “zooms” in/out, interpreting it as they will – camera, feelings, perspective. No zoom police.

Another for Give
When used, the Speaker gives the object to another and becomes the Lens.

The person holding the object is the Speaker. Look at the Lens.
The Lens uses hand signs to direct the Speaker. Go slow.

Tell a coherent tale together.
Facilitator says 1 phrase, gives the object, becoming the Lens.

Proceed when it feels right.

-The Door-

Facilitator, speak dwellingly, slowly.
                       Bid them:
                       Close their eyes.
                       Breathe deeply.

Bid them Imagine a door.  Its…

Bid them imagine a person is coming to the door. their...
                      	Knocking, opening the door.
                     	How they breathe

Bid them
                        Synchronize breath and mimic that person
                        Open their eyes.

That’s their character.

Author Comments

This is meant as a workshop for games with not-so-numerical, relatable, close to home characters. It is meant to break the ice regarding creative contribution, it should correlate everyone’s idea of the theme of the game, while also being fun to work through.

The last excercise is a foray into an experiential way of “getting into a character”. I have found that people enjoy those playing the characters they make with this workshop a lot - and without fail so far.

I do not imagine this will be good for creating heroic characters.

Thanks Johannes Oppermann for getting me to enter the challenge again. Thanks to Jon Cole for showing me the importance of a good workshop. The Critique i get from the two of you is always on point.

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