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Roommates From Hell • 2017 rpg

Marcus Zaeyen •

Character creation: 
Name, age, occupation, and three positive traits for your character.  Go in a circle and introduce yourselves to each other; as each roommate is introduced, write down a reason why you hate them.  Go around the circle again and read these reasons to each other, writing down what applies to your character.  Each player creates one House Rule.

House Rules: 
When you’re called out for breaking one, take a Blame Token.  When creating one, do not significantly remove another player’s agency.

Take turns setting scenes by establishing something that’s gone wrong in the house.  Someone must be blamed for this.  Roommates may burst into the scene at any time, but must enter when mentioned.  Once all opinions have been voiced, set a minute timer; you must decide who’s to blame by its end.  Said player (or players) takes a Blame Token.  The player with the LEAST blame tokens creates a new House Rule, and the next player sets a scene.

Game end: 
Once all players have set two scenes, the player with the MOST Blame Tokens narrates the fate of the house.  Each player narrates their character’s fate.

Author Comments

This was originally created by Blake Andrews and I as a final project for Naomi Clark’s Indie RPGs class at NYU. It happened to be pretty short, so we decided to rewrite it for this competition when we stumbled on it. The mechanics have stayed entirely intact! Check out Blake’s stuff at*/everythingstaken

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