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Before Bedtime • 2017 rpg

Mixu Lauronen • no link

You are kids going to bed. Decide who starts.
Roll 1d6 to see where the monster comes from:
1. Under the bed.
2. The closet.
3. Through the window.
4. Under the blanket.
5. Inside the pillow.
6. Under the rug.
The player on your right rolls 1d6 secretly for the monster's hit points and another 1d6 for weak spot:
1. Head.
2. Tail.
3. Hands.
4. Feet.
5. Heart.
6. Navel.
Choose a toy:
- A teddybear. One hit, 1d6 damage.
- A slipper. Two hits, 1d4 damage.
-A spade. Three hits, 1d3 damage.
- A stormtrooper. 1d2 hits, 3 damage.
- A car. 1d3 hits, 2 damage.
- A pillow. Infinite hits, 1 damage.
Kids have six hits. Toys can be used their hits times before breaking. The kid narrates the attack. If it hits the weak spot, double the damage. Monster attacks with 1d6. The kid defends with 1d6. If the numbers are same, the attack is blocked. Otherwise the kid suffers two damage. If the toy breaks, another can be chosen. After each battle, the turn goes clockwise. If in the end the monsters have won more than the kids, they take over the World.

Author Comments

This is a skeleton for a rpg I actually intend to finish. Every child knows about the monster in the closet, under the bed, and so on. This game takes the idea and molds it into a fighting game.

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