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PUPPY DAY: A happy game wherein everyone wins • 2017 rpg

Bruce ES Warner • no link

You're visiting an animal rescue shelter to adopt a pet. Yey!

Sit in a circle.

Everybody writes a pet animal (e.g. kitten, dragon, goldfish) on a card. Put them in the circle face-up.

Everybody writes a pet quality (e.g. shy, one-eyed, clumsy) on a second card and keeps it--except the shortest player, who puts their quality card face-down in the circle and goes first.

On your turn, pick a face-up card and approach that animal's cage/pen/tank. The players on your left and right offer you their quality cards: take one. Describe the pet you meet. How does it greet you?

If this isn't the pet for you, tell us why and put the animal card back (but keep the quality card).

If you want this pet, keep the cards. Tell us how you will make it feel at home and leave the circle with your new friend.

The player without a quality card goes next.

If you're the last without a pet, take the remaining animal card and the face-down quality card. Tell us why your new friend makes you luckiest of all.

Everyone share your pets' names!

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