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The Game of Magical Thinking • 2017 rpg

Marshall Bradshaw • https://twitter.com/dmarshallb

A game for one player
1) Write a 50-300 word obituary for someone whose death hurt you personally.
2) Write 20-75 words about their death.
3) Make a Sacrifice.
A “Sacrifice” is a rule you must follow that will make it harder to write. Examples: Stop using a certain letter of the alphabet, a certain piece of punctuation, or a type of word. 
4) Write 20-75 words either about how their death could have been avoided or what they would be doing if they had survived. You are limited by the Sacrifice.
5) Make another Sacrifice.
6) Write 20-75 words about another way they could have survived or something else they would be doing if they had survived. You are limited by all Sacrifices made.
7) Repeat steps 5 & 6 until you are ready to let go.
8) Read the obituary from step 1.

Author Comments

This game was inspired by Joan Dideon’s “The Year of Magical Thinking,” in which she describes irrational thoughts and behaviors that allowed her to believe her late husband was still alive or would return. You play yourself undergoing Dideon’s magical thinking.

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