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In the Cards • 2017 rpg

Ken Maher •

Needed: 1 Deck of Playing Cards (no Jokers)

At the same time all players will contribute to the setting and scene of the Story with a single word.
One player in the group chooses the story's location (Ancient Greece, Space Station, etc)
One player chooses an object of interest (Vase, Computer Core, etc)
One player chooses the action (Steal, Discover, Protect, etc)
One player chooses the hurdle (Cursed, No Time, Enemy, etc)

Each player then defines their character with a single word description (Mystic, Engineer, Diplomat, etc) and a single word motive (Boredom, Honour, Greed, etc)

As players work together to unfold the story important or pivotal actions are resolved by going to the Deck of Cards. The protagonist draws a card from the deck and so does another player. The resulting two cards determine success or failure.

Two Black Cards = Failure
Two Red Cards = Success
One Red/Black = Mixed Results 

If during the draw a Face Card appears something wildly unexpected happens! If it is positive the protagonist describes what that is. If it is negative the group decides. On a mixed result the colour of the face card determines the nature of the twist.

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