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Hopeless • 2017 rpg

Pamela Figueroa Peñaranda • https://twitter.com/_Knightess

You’ve been kidnapped. Introduce yourselves. 

Objective: Find the key and Escape.

The GM draws the map of the captors’ house, positions the captors and key.The house doesn’t change, but the captors’ and key positions will change every day.

Decide via D20.

Take turns to explore, only one person per night. 
Hear noises by asking your GM.

When you’re alone, you have the chance to become insane without emotional support from the group.
You have 5 minutes to explore before you die of insanity
While exploring, only you can grab a piece of paper and layout the map as you discover it.

If you end up in the same room with a captor, turn on a metronome, sync breath with the beat, if you fail, you get discovered. Go from 60BPS to 110BPS gradually.
You get nervous, your sanity won’t last long.
Light a match. It represents your mental sanity for that moment. 
The GM throws a dice. Get a number >= while syncing breath before the match runs out or you’ll be spotted. 
If you succeed, go back your normal timer.
If you die, explain the cause and express an emotion you felt before death in one word.

Author Comments

Inspired by the thousands of kidnapping victims that don’t even get a chance to light a match or throw a dice to save their lives. Trying to give the player a taste of the emotions that these people live day by day.

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