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A 5-day walkathon • 2017 rpg

Zed & Ms Ann • no link

You’re all wealthy, high class stars in a futuristic steampunk world where time is the ultimate luxury. In a world where everybody drives around on their steam powered unicycles, walking is the utmost display of wealth.     
Over the course of five real life days, players battle to reach the highest level of wealth that is in correlationto the amount of steps they make during that period. Every day the step count will be used as currency in a silent auction for “walking canes”, which have a value in points. 
1st and 2nd day - bronze cane (2 points)
3rd and 4th day - silver cane (3p)
5th day - gold cane (5p)

Prior to bidding, all players should tell a story about their journeys in the steam punky lands, what they saw, who they met etc. - so other bidders could estimate their competitors’ “wealth” and then bid accordingly.

Highest bid will be revealed and person whose it was will get the auctioneered cane. Winner loses the bidded steps, rest of the players won’t. Rinse and repeat until end of day five. In the end of the last auction, points will be summed up and person with the most points wins.

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