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Purgatory House • 2017 rpg

Robert A. Turk •

You and your friends have stumbled on an old, creepy, and seemingly endless mansion. The House is evil and doesn’t want you to leave, though. New horrors lurk behind every door. Darkness strives to devour you.

One player plays as the House and tries to stop the others from leaving. Everyone else plays as themselves with the abilities and hindrances they actually possess. 

The last player alive is the only one who can escape the House.

The House describes the scene and the other players take turns narrating their actions. A hand of Blackjack is played against the House to resolve combat, or anytime a risk is taken. If the player wins then they succeed in their current task. If they lose, they fail. If they bust (more than 21) then they take serious damage. Once a player busts three times they are devoured.

The last player standing continues to narrate their attempts to flee. Once they win three more hands they have managed to escape the grounds and win the game! However, if they bust three times in total then they too have perished.

The House goes dormant. It waits. New victims will arrive... They always do.

Author Comments

The basic idea for Purgatory House came from a series of recurring dreams of being trapped in an endless house. Upon further research, I found that these dreams are relatively common across cultures and there are several short stories that have been written building upon this core concept. I have been working on a full sourcebook for the House, but it keeps getting pushed back for other immediate projects. When the contest popped up, it seemed like the perfect venue to distill this idea and get it out there and playable. Enjoy!

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