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Remember the Glory Days? • 2017 rpg

James Shields •

You are a group of elderly second-string superheroes trying to remember your glory days.

Players decide on superhero names, secret identities, and powers.
Number a sheet of paper one to twenty.

Roll 1d20 to determine who remembers an adventure from yesteryear.

Winner begins by roleplaying and recounting the event. Using a pencil, write as much of that memory as possible on the first line.

In clockwise manner, players roll 1D20 to see if their memory matches what has been shared.
If the result is equal to any empty line, that player roleplays their disagreement and writes over, in pen, 1D20 penciled words of the last line. Otherwise, they agree, in character, with the memory.

When all players have the chance to disagree, play continues and the next player recounts a portion of the memory on the next empty line.

Game ends when the last line of the page has been written and any disagreements are settled.
Meanwhile, banter like old forgetful friends do.

Players add their score as follows:
300 points - Staying in character.
200 points - Each uncorrected line.
25 points - Per word written in pen.

Loser reads the full story in character.

Author Comments

Just want to thank previous finalists whose work opened my eyes up to RPGs that aren’t an entire system in themselves, but rather focused on an experience.

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