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(Dis)Agreement • 2017 rpg

Marshall Bradshaw • https://twitter.com/dmarshallb

A roleplaying exercise for two players

Prep: Choose a genre and list a few types of characters you would expect in such a story. Pick one each to play and come up with a personal disagreement between these two characters.

Ready: Mark off the center and ends of a straight line at least twelve feet long.
Set: Choose opposite ends and stand equidistant between your end of the line & the center with your back to the center.

Go: In character, voice your opinion on the disagreement. Whenever your character wants to listen to the other, turn towards them. Whenever your character wishes they didn’t have to listen, turn away. Whenever you feel closer to agreement, step towards the center. If you feel farther from agreement, step away from the center.

Finish line: Normal play ends when either player reaches their end or the center. Neither player can thenceforth speak, but the other player may immediately walk to the center or their end.

Author Comments

This game is designed to practice good scene work, especially knowing when to end a scene and properly leveraging out-of-character knowledge.

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