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Angry Goblin Widows • 2017 rpg

Jeff Aldrich • no link

Thousands of Goblins are killed each year by heartless adventurers. What of the widows and orphans? They're angry and aren't gonna take it anymore!

Roll 2d6 for attributes: Physical (Attack damage, Health), Mental (Healing Value), Coordination (Difficulty to Hit).
Each character has their own standard deck. Separate into four stacks by suit 2-10. Set aside face cards.

Take King, Queen, Jack and draw one randomly.
King=Warrior. Double Health.
Queen=Shaman. Healing. Draw Mental card for healing value. Can add Determination draw.
Jack=Matron. Child on back. Can't be surprised. Add 1 damage to each successful attack from kid attack.

Non-trivial actions are difficulty value 3-10+. If against creatures, difficulty equals attribute. A card is drawn from appropriate stack for the value of attempt. Success is value equal or above difficulty. Attempts may be boosted once with card from Determination stack. Add values of two cards. Drawn cards go to used piles.
Combat: Clubs for melee. Diamonds for ranged. Damage by Physical attribute plus weapon bonus. Coordination equals difficulty to hit.
One hour rest restores one random used card to each suit pile, except Determination. Determination refreshed between sessions.

Author Comments

They’re on their way! Dang, they’re mad!

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