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Normaleware • 2017 rpg

Nathan Knaack • www.nathanknaack.com

You’re an android infiltrating humanity, but you must obey Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics:
1.  Don’t let humans get hurt
2.  Obey humans unless it breaks the first law
3.  Defend yourself unless it breaks the other laws
Roll for your directive. You win when all androids achieve their objectives. The narrator determines success criteria.
1.  Love
2.  Respect
3.  Wealth
4.  Fame
5.  Power
6.  Trust
You have six programs in your matrix. Circle one from each category. After each scene you can change one.
1.  Empathize, Seduce, Coerce
2.  Build, Repair, Design
3.  Steal, Cheat, Bargain
4.  Perform, Gossip, Boast
5.  Pander, Blame, Promise
6.  Lie, Mitigate, Confide
For risky actions, roll twice on your program matrix. If either result supports your intent, you succeed. If neither does, but you accept the consequences, you earn data. You can also just fail. Roll thrice with advantage, once with disadvantage.
Data is used for rerolls. You can also reroll by giving the narrator bugs, used to make you reroll something. You start with 3 data and can store up to 10. You can give data to other androids.
If anyone discovers what you are, lose all data and reroll objective.

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