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One Last Job • 2017 rpg

John Kane •

A story-telling heist game for players and GM.

Players assume the roles of:
The muscle
The hacker
The cat burglar
The driver
Or other heist tropes. 

Players take turns drawing cards and explaining their scene. Each suit corresponds to an event type, the higher the rank, the harder the challenge:

Clubs are obstacles that character must accomplish, set by the GM. Players explain how they will deal with the obstacles, then roll:
2d6 >= card value = success.
Items/loot can be added before rolling. 

Hearts are flashbacks to explain a connection to the job or another player character. Higher card, the more emotional the scene should be. 

Diamonds are loot. Loot can be used to explain resources used in obstacles or flashbacks. The Ace is the maguffin needed to win the game.

Spades are the law. Similar to clubs but are people. Each success adds a 1-point disadvantage to future spade rolls. 

The game is won when a club card is played, the King, Queen and Jack of clubs have been played, and players have the ace of diamonds.

Players are eliminated if they lose a spade encounter. If the whole team is eliminated, the game is lost.

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