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The Things We Do For Love • 2017 rpg

Kate McCane • no link

2 Players and a Judge

The players decide on a familial relationship (siblings, parent/child, cousins, etc.)

The judge determines a setting (modern world, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc.)

Player one has something (money, gold coins, a piece of technology, a cursed dagger, etc. This is determined by the Judge) that Player two wants. Player two has to convince player one to give it to them, while Player one refuses. In the course of the argument, Player one and Player two make up their mutual history. The Judge keeps track of said history and determines the winner based on most creative back-story and reasons for needing the item/not being able to give it up. A player who incorrectly refers to a previously mentioned point of mutual history has automatically lost the argument and therefore the game.

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