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Mystery Mansion of the Mad Wizard • 2017 rpg

Jason A. Starks • no link

Villains have invaded the mansion! Defeat them, and grab some loot!
SET UP: 2-4 players, one deck of playing cards, a mini-figure per player, two dice.
Describe how your figure is a cool hero that is the best at: Fightpower (spades), Parkouring (clubs), Magickery (hearts), or Ninjability (diamonds). Your best allows a re-roll on like-suited challenges.
Shuffle the deck and place a 5x5 grid of face-down cards. Deal each player two cards. Cards on the grid are rooms; cards in hand are power-ups. Maximum hand size is 3. Figures start on opposite corner rooms. 
PLAY: On your turn you may move to an adjacent room orthogonally; flip your room face-up; or challenge a face-up room.
	Clubs: obstacles
	Diamonds: traps
	Hearts: puzzles
	Spades: enemies
	Faces:  villain! Defeat with a 12+
	Aces: +3 power-up!
Roll equal or above a room card rank to beat a challenge. Describe your… Victory? Keep the room card as a power-up. Replace rooms with a new face-down card. …Defeat? Discard a card and move to your start room. You can play power-ups before you roll. Any power-up adds +1. Like-suited adds +2. 
WINNING: Defeat three villains and move to your start room with the highest rank artifacts.

Author Comments

Standing in a long check-out line, I was looking at the impulse-buy items and started wondering if I could use some of them to make up a game for less than $10. Turns out, maybe. I’ve been interested in making games since I was a kid, and lately, finally, I’ve started to make some effort towards living the dream!

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