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✗amurai • 2017 rpg

Pyrofoux •

Material: 25 Scrabble tiles, every letter except [S]

For each player:

The Samurai is a powerful being, holder of the Storied Sword.
This legendary weapon can grant its owner a single wish.
The only way to possess it is to defeat the current holder in a duel.

You need this wish. Why?

Draw a random letter [✗]. 
You’re now the ✗amurai – ✗murai if vowel.
Every choice you now make must start with letter ✗.

Choose your ✗-Weapon. (Bow, Zanbatō…)
How does it reflect your personality?

Choose your ✗-Totem. (Blood, Zebra…)
How does it help you in battle?

Choose your ✗-Weakness. (Blind, Zonked…)
Does it make you look badass?

The Samurai invited all their challengers to meet them.
But once there, you only see the other ✗amurais.
Is the Samurai one of them?

The GM hands you a secret letter.
[S] means you’re the Samurai in disguise.
Why are you hiding? Have you already made your wish?

✗amurais’s actions are always a success.
If it involves their ✗-Weakness, always a failure.

When ✗amurais are opposed, each draw a random letter.
Draw one more when ✗-Totem is advantageous.
The letter closest to [A] wins.
✗amurais may survive only one wound.

Author Comments

I dedicate my entry to Afro Samurai, Samurai Jack, Steel Samurai, the Samurai Sauce and all these unsung heroes. If you come up with a cool ✗amurai character please show it to me on my Twitter @Pyrofoux ! Thanks to @Ploogle, @Toastnbacon and Neoboss for their insightful review <3

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