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The Haints' House • 2017 rpg

Jax Bryk and Rose Bailey • no link

You are a Haint, a thing that goes bump in the night. You live in a military fort, or an old home, or an abandoned prison. Your job is to keep the humans out -- but you have to deal with all the other Haints bumping around as well.


At least 1 GM
At least 2 players
1d6 per player

Write down the following: your Name, your Type (ghost, ghoul, nightmare, etc.), your Appearance, your Dread Power (possession, turn invisible, etc.), and a number between 2 and 5. If your number is closer to 6, you are more Friendly. If your number is closer to 1, you are more Spooky.

Each player also contributes one fact about the home.

When you do something Spooky -- intimidation, aggression, haunting, etc. -- try to roll over your number.

When you do something Friendly -- diplomacy, compassion, healing, etc. -- try to roll under your number.

If you roll an even number, you get an “and”. Describe what happens in addition to your roll, whether it’s a success or failure.

If you roll an odd number, you get a “but”. Describe what happens in spite of your roll whether it’s a success or a failure.

Author Comments

This could be played as a tabletop or a black box LARP. The GM is encouraged to make up and play meddling humans.

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