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52 • 2017 rpg

Ben Moyer • Mixedbagofhats.com

Large Farm town. Lots of festivals. Forest is full of goblins. Dragon on mountaintop.
Grab a deck of cards each.

Decide a goal such as go on a date, run for mayor, slay dragon.

Pick 12 cards to create your character. Must always have the preceding card. (example: can only add 3 of hearts if you already have 2 of hearts)

Spades = Mind. faceup in deck.
Hearts = Body. count the number when taking damage instead of just 1 card
Daimonds = spirit. creates a hand of cards. Does 2 damage. Spells
Clubs = Luck. Facedown in deck.

For a skill check or attack play card from top of deck or hand. Double the number of the check is within that attribute. When damaged discard that many cards. If deck is empty character dies. Can only reshuffle deck when resting at town.

Grab a deck of cards.

Skill test difficulty
1-5 easy
6-10 normal 
9-15 hard
15-20 Extreme

At end of a game day reshuffle deck and award players 1-5 cards. 

Hits on a 6+ for one damage.
Gets hit on 5+
3 health

Hits on 3+ for three damage
Gets hit on 7+
10 health

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