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When the Wolves Come... • 2017 rpg

Jason A. Starks • no link

“In the Spring, the wolves come down from the hills. Too fast for bullets, too hungry for knives. Stay behind the barricades, and keep the fire high.”
Society has fallen and the wolves came. You’ve been sheltered in your small community, but now supplies are low. Scout the area, spot ways to survive.
Go for a walk. 30 minutes to an hour. Take a friend or two. Before you go, give each survivor an index card. Write a role in your survivor community. Pass the cards around. Write a place you could be safe from the wolves for a night. Pass cards again. Write a thing you could scavenge to help your community survive longer. Mix up the cards and pass them out.
On your walk, walk briskly. Take some water. Look out for things on your card. Spot them and tell the others how you think it would help.  Remember, it will all be ruined, broken. Wolves are fast, strong, and many. Make a note and move on.
Afterword, talk about what you saw. Then vote who fulfilled their role the best. They choose where you walk next time.

Author Comments

Slightly more cheery than ‘The Road: the LARP’, some inspiration that struck when I was thinking about a friend living in Alaska, and how I need to get out and get some fresh air and exercise. I am not a fast runner.

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