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Dumb Brutes • 2017 rpg

Jeff Dieterle •

It’s the Stone Age. You live in caves. You probably hunt mammoths or something. It’s a living.
Find a place to play. This place should either have some dirt or some walls.
Create characters. Consider:
• What feature makes you different from your peers?
• What is your best skill (e.g., clubbing, fire)?
• What Great Threat kills almost everyone you know? What is most terrible about it?
Good! Now stop talking. You may grunt or draw pictures in the dirt or carve them into the wall.
Work together to illustrate the story of the time your people overcame the Great Threat. Don’t get fancy.
Collectively come up with a sound to describe this experience.
Finally, individually draw or carve an epilogue depicting your eventual brutal death.
Campaign variant: Play as the descendants of the previous characters. Play is the same, except you may use the sound you created to communicate.

Author Comments

My buddy Holmes always wants to roleplay as cavemen. In lieu of actually running that kind of game, I created this as a gift to him.

Theoretically, you could use paper instead of sand and wall carvings, but you’d be missing something.

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