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Mother nature called • 2017 rpg

Daniel Kraemer • no link

When pollution in the world ran rampant, when everything looked bleak and mankind was short of destroying itself, something happened. Nobody had an explanation for the phenomenon, but most people attributed the change to mother nature. 

There has always been a spirit animal in each of us and when it surfaced, modern life with its luxuries, technology and productivity lost its meaning. Mankind was not returned to primal urges, but returned to a simpler life — closer to their spirit animal, to their environment and nature. Thousands left the cities, left their homes, came together in tribes, sharing common character traits that were brought up by different animal spirits.

The tribes living in the same area came together every full moon to discuss important things and problems. These gatherings were considered sacred. You are the spokesman of your tribe. 

Describe what spirit animal you have and what common trait your tribe shares. 
Then everybody thinks of a problem for the player/tribe left of him. 
Discuss the problems and find solutions. 
Think as a human but highly influenced by your spirit animal. 
You want to solve your tribe’s problem but not at the cost of other tribes. 

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