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Hasar Kahn - Tiger King • 2017 rpg

Joe Jeskiewicz • no link

The Tiger Hasar Kahn in the Siberian taiga rules with undisputed strength.  Someone takes the role of Hasar Kahn, and everyone else is an animal subject: Sable, Fox, Lynx, Badger, etc.  You are a part of that kingdom, and his right of rulership must come to an end.  Proper planning and seizing the right moment will ensure the tyranny comes to an end.

Be secretive and try to make it look natural.  The more suspicious Hasar Kahn grows; the harder he is to kill.  Opposition comes up with some situation that could be dangerous for Kahn: Stampede, weak log, etc.  Opposition collectively rolls 1d10 for subterfuge and describes a scene with from many possible angles.

Kahn gets 3 questions, then must choose which answer described the true pitfall of the scene.  If Kahn has chosen the correct pitfall, he rolls 1d10 to get equal or above opposition target number.  Each time he rolls above, he gets a +1 suspicion to future rolls, cumulative.  Failure to detect subterfuge is a mark against.  If Hasar Kahn gets 5 marks against him, then he has been overthrown.  If Kahn gets to +5 suspicion, he wins.

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