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HIRELINGS • 2017 rpg

Peter Antoniak • no link

Players are lords exploring dungeons with the aid of their hirelings.
Players start with 50 treasure(t) to spend:
Hireling-2t (choose class)

Hirelings start at d4. Each equipment increases the die by one. d4>d6>d8>d10>d12

Hirelings can perform manual labor and class skills.

Fighters can fight monsters. Each success kills one monster.
Magic-users cast spells. State the intent of the spell, GM sets difficulty.
Thieves are nimble and can go where others can’t. Thieves can disarm traps, reducing damage by number of successes. 
Clerics heal at camp, each success heals one hireling. They also turn undead, each success turns one.

GM sets the required successes for checks and can cap the number of hirelings that can test. State how many hirelings you’re using. Keep pools separate by class and injury status, then roll through all of them. Each 4+ is a success, uninjured 1s become injured, previously injured 1s die. Meet or exceed the required successes. Other players can contribute hirelings if you ask before testing.

Every 6 tests, camp must be made. Supplies feed 4 hirelings apiece. Unfed, uninjured hirelings become injured. Unfed, injured hirelings die. Supplies and healing may be shared.

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