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Out of the Dark World • 2017 rpg

Guillaume Clerc •

You are children, taken to the Dark World and imprisoned by Nightmares. You run through the dark corridors of an empty school to escape your jailer, the Butcher.

Your memories are blurry. You need answers:
1. Where is the heart of the Dark World?
2. Who is ruling now?
3. What happened here?
4. Who are the prisoners?
5. How to go back to the real world?

GM, put 4 six-sided dice on the table.

Players, when you try to:
- run for your life,
- be sneaky,
- be convincing,
- get an answer to the first unanswered question of the list (GM, ask how),
take a die and roll it. (Without die, you fail.)
You succeed on 4+. Otherwise, the GM will say you are now afraid, chased, hurt, trapped or broken. (GM, keep the die.)

If you ever fight, you are hurt, captured or worse.

In a quiet time, one of you can recollect something to put a die back on the table.
(GM, reincorporate it into scary descriptions.)

Locations: Decaying underground forest / Foggy sewer market / Abandoned subway station / Silent troglodytic dwellings
Chasers: Stalking shadows / Spiderhounds / Scalpel Dancer / The Grinning Girl
People: Arachnoids / Leeches / Faceless / Drowned Ones

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