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ReWritten • 2017 rpg

Marcin Kuczynski • no link

This is a game for two, about a subject of a secret supersoldier program, who regained his memories and tries to break free. The player creates a personal Goal that the Soldier pursues (love, revenge, debt, guilt, whatever). Work out the details together. The GM creates interesting Challenges throughout the game.

You are in a lab. You don’t know how you got here. Fill in the Profile below to create your Soldier. Whenever you have to take on a Challenge, roll a D6. Find a sentence in the Profile that makes the Challenge easier or harder. Add 1 or subtract 1 from the roll, respectively.  The GM does the same with another sentence. On a score of 4+ you succeed and are closer to reaching your Goal. Otherwise a problem emerges. 

After each Challenge, part of your memory is overwritten (the GM changes one sentence in the Profile).

If you fail three Challenges in a row, you are recaptured and the game ends. If you overcome a total of 6 Challenges, you achieve your Goal (but can play on, until you are recaptured).

My friends call me…

I am…

I hate…

I love…

I need…

I can’t…

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